About The Swedish Association for Survivors of Polio, Accident and Injury (RTP)

Every year around 30 000 people are injured in road traffic accidents in Sweden. There are around 20 000 polio survivors in the country. Many of them suffer from the late effects of polio (post-polio syndrome).

The Swedish Association for Survivors of Polio, Accident and Injury works to promote participation and accessibility in society for the survivors of road traffic accidents, other accidents and polio. We work mainly with empowering our members in such a way that they can take charge of their own life situations.

RTP has around 10 000 members in some 50 local organizations throughout Sweden and a web based organization. Our members are people living with polio injury/post-polio, whiplash associated disorder, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or amputation.

RTPs activities are financed by membership fees, government grants, donations, wills and funding. The organization has an annual turnover of EUR 1.55 million.

Member support

Within the local RTP organizations members can support and guide each other in their new life situations, for example with contacting authorities. Local organization activities include self-help groups and constructive initiatives.

Staff at RTPs Central Secretariat provide support and guidance in matters relating to traffic insurance, social insurance and care and rehabilitation issues.

Influencing society

RTP influences society on a broad front in terms of care and rehabilitation, social insurance issues, training and employment. RTP seeks fair treatment and a more accessible society.

The experiences of our members always form the basis for influencing decision-makers at local and central levels. RTP has built up a network of members of the parliament, and is continuously serving them with facts and views on matters of special concern to the RTP members.
RTP also initiates research of benefit to our members.

RTP membership

RTP members receive the Liv magazine offering articles about current research, social questions and reports on survivors of polio and accidents. Liv is issued four times a year.

RTP produces books in which survivors and their relatives share their experiences. RTP also issues books, videos and brochures with tips and advice designed for those living with a whiplash associated disorder, polio injury, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputation, or for those who have a relative in such situations.

For more information or contact with a RTP-member, contact RTP on  info@rtp.se.


The purpose of the Swedish Association for Survivors of Polio, Accident and Injury (RTP) is to promote a society characterized by diversity and respect for people with disabilities resulting from traffic injuries, accidents or polio. We work towards goals based on the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities:

  • To ensure opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in society on equal terms as the rest of the population.
  • To promote health care and rehabilitation to secure a positive life situation for people with disabilities.
  • To keep up-to-date with scientific research and development within RTP’s areas of interest.

The work of the Swedish Association for Survivors of Polio, Accident and Injury (RTP) is founded on our belief in an egalitarian society where all people are of equal value and where all citizens have the same rights and responsibilities.


The Swedish Association for Survivors of Polio, Accident and Injury (RTP) will become the leading special interest group, most valued and most in demand by our members, both as an opinion former and as a membership organization. Everyone in Sweden will be familiar with our organization.